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Running Time: 2hr. 30min. (Director's Cut) 3hr. 52min.

Distributor: Brain Damage Films

Storyline: Bram Stoker's classic novel Dracula gets a modern makeover in this low budget adaptation from director John Johnson. An old count from Transylvania is planning a move to the more populated area of Nilbog, and young lawyer Jonathan Harker has been sent to ensure that everything goes smoothly for the reclusive nobleman. Undeterred by rumors that the land surrounding the count's castle is cursed, Harker ventures into the countryside head held high and determined to focus on the task at hand. When Harker discovers that the local lore is in fact true and that Count Alucard is indeed a vampire, he seeks the aid of the famed Dr. VanHelsing in defeating the count and preventing his terror from infecting the peaceful citizens of Nilbog.

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