About Darkstone Entertainment

Darkstone Entertainment is an independent film company based out of Virginia, US. Originally founded by John Johnson and his childhood friends on August 3rd, 1993, Darkstone Entertainment has now become one of the leading Horror / Fantasy film companies in the commonwealth.

While a Darkstone’s films usually prefers the creative freedom of the fantasy and horror genre, it may also be or combine elements of a drama, comedy, romance, film noir, adventure, action, musical, western, sci-fi, thriller, etc. Darkstone, in the future to come hopes to bring many films to audiences everywhere and put its notch in the history of filmmaking!

John Johnson / Darkstone Entertainment has to date created over 200 films. This includes, features, shorts, television series, music videos, web content, and more!

Darkstone has also acquired thousands of fans and can be found on these platforms as well as many others. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Tik Tok, Playstation 4, Youtube, etc.

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