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John Johnson

John Johnson

Chief Executive Officer
Head Cheese

JOHN JOHNSON a self taught filmmaker, shot his first film, Zap, when he was 8 years old. By the time John graduated from college, he had completed 50 No-Budget films: 5 feature lengths, 1 television show (20 one hour episodes), and 44 shorts ranging from 2-47 minutes long.

John is now an award winning filmmaker, writer, and the founder of Darkstone Entertainment, an independent film company based out of Charlottesville, VA.

At this time, Johnson has completed 99 films including 24 features. 7 of which are available right now in distribution all over the world, and to be followed by 8 more releasing in 2010.

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John Johnson

One of Johnny's new hobbies is trying to get as many cameos as he can under his belt before death. So if you're shooting a flick and have room for a campy amigo that can be shot within a couple days of production, send Johnny an email. No pay required, but travel and stay is. Below is a list of his cameos to date...

”My plan is to be the most famous background star that ever lived. So drop me a line and allow me add to my list!” - John Johnson

Contact John for cameo requests at:
(Make sure to have CAMEO in the subject)



Paathai "The Path" (2009)
Directed by Clement Ja
7 Wonders Creations

Deadly Beauty (2008)
Directed by Chandeline Nicole
Red Army Films

Vampires of Zanzabar (2007)
Directed by John Birmingham
Birmingham Films

Danger!Danger!Danger! (2007-)
Directed by Bebe S Bellamont and Desiree Black
Bicycle Thief Productions

Freshman Psych (2007)
Directed by John Johnson
Red Army Films

Vigil (2005)
Directed by Joey Vagus
Cutting Floor Media

ABC (2005)
Directed by S. Ram Raghavan
Dreams India

Dark Side of the Light (2005)
Directed by Matt Walker
Red Army Films

Nullbinder (2004)
Directed by Yoshiki
Chavar Entertainment

Confinement (2004)
Directed by David Lee Stewart
David Stewart Productions

Fifth City (2002)
Directed by Eric Thornet
Piranha Pictures

Hearts in Atlantis (2001)
Directed by Scott Hicks
Warner Bros.

Concealment (2001)
Directed by David Lee Stewart
David Stewart Productions

The Sadness of Detail (1995)
Directed by Renee Carter
Second Star Productions

Net Worth (1995)
Directed by Lizz McVey
Second Star Productions

Toy Soldiers (1991)
Directed by Daniel Petrie Jr.
TriStar Pictures



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